The idea of running Midnight Movies in Frankfurt has been formed because we are missing a venue where one can show and watch experimental films and people interested in film can come together to discuss their ideas.

The cinema is inspired by Artists' Television Access (ATA), an independent underground cinema based in San Francisco, CA, where we got the chance to watch so many interesting films and were even able to show our own auto generative slides.

Because to us cinema is much more than watching movies, and because we want to make the cinema accessible to everyone, Midnight Movies takes place in a public park and admission is free.

A small kiosk integrated into the Chillida sculpture will offer drinks and snacks. You can also borrow picnic blankets to make yourself comfortable on the grass.

Since the cinema is non-commercial, we cannot offer any pay to filmmakers. All we got for you is a nice spot and the opportunity to show your work in public. We'd also love to show films which are brought by in person, as long as they are self-made. If you want to, your films will be offered at the kiosk.

Our special interest is experimentation which recontextualizes film and performance, projection and music, moving images and language and finds new ways of reflecting visual media and the condition of movie going.

We are planning to have at least one live-performance every evening, such as

  • live animation
  • live dubbing or music
  • non-budget film contests
  • auto generative film
  • interactive film
  • film telling
  • film karaoke
  • and so on...
We are looking for uncommon and exceptional formats. Midnight Movies is open for ideas and suggestions and would like to create those formats together with you.

Live-action with guest artists will be announced online. Apart from those, the program will appear on the website only after the event. We will thus be able to create the program spontaneously depending on the films brought in at the event. What's more - we love surprises and hope that our audience will, too!

We can show films digitally or on a 16mm projector.

Other media (such as slides or overhead projector and video) can eventually be organised if arranged in advance.