June 13th 2013
Wiese vor dem Philosophicum auf dem Campus Bockenheim

7 teams, 7 stories, 60 pieces of danish pastry and free beer for everyone - this was plunder! no.1
Because of the rainy wheater, the screening took place inside at Pupille university cinema, where we spent the evening in convival company, telling our film stories.

Like when back in the 60s, we found a bus on the street and drove it all the way to the Baltic sea. It was so much fun, but why was this old grandma with her cane following around all the time?
Remember the school trip with our advanced physics course? So much cake, and so many calculations!
Then the wedding in Austria last year, what an impertinance. Glad the bridal couple had to go on their honeymoon by rowboat.
Honestly, I preferred when we were building all these churches and military bases in Vietnam. Didn't you?
Oh, and have we mentioned: little René loved sausages back then just as much as he does today. Some things change, but some just always stay the same.

How we wish you could have been there!

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